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Denise Nepraunig

My name is Denise Nepraunig and I am a software developer at SAP in Germany. I tweet a lot about development and nerdy stuff.

There are almost no developer t-shirts for female developers. So I decided to create my own in July 2016! I wanted to create some cute, feminine and nerdy designs for all the women out there who love to code. I got inspired by the Django Girls t-shirts who created shirts like “code like a girl” or “this is what a programmer looks like”. I absolutely love those shirts and I have both!

As I did not want to have a lot of up-front investment – which would be necessary for silk-screen-printing – I started to look for print-on-demand-suppliers. In Germany spreadshirt.de is a quite common supplier. I did not need to buy any shirts, ink or silk screens supplies (starterkit here) or a heat press and foil for flex/flock printing. I also did not need to setup anything to print my shirts – I just needed to upload my design to Spreadshirt and a few days later I received my shirt.

I really like the Spreadshirt shirt quality and their possiblity to print via flex or flock. Those two printing methods result in very colorful and long lasting designs and it is also possible to choose a special foil like glitter or glow in the dark. When you want to do flex/flock printing you need a vector file. This was a good opportunity for me to finally learn Adobe Illustrator and also start using my Wacom tablet.

As my drawing was quite rusty and hand-lettering is a thing now I started to look for a computer font which could mimic a handwritten font. I stumbled upon the King Basil font and created my first shirt “eat sleep code repeat” with it. I totally feel in love with the font so that I stick to it for my other designs.

I want that all people who like my shirts would be able to buy my shirts. So I needed a name for my website and the Spreadshirt shop. I talked about this with a colleague and for him it was crystal clear – I am such a nerd – and my last name is Nepraunig -> soooo let’s call it NERDpraunig!!! So simple, so intuitive – I never thought about that – I loved it!!!

Nerd & Nepraunig = NERDpraunig

I wore the t-shirt at work and one of my female colleagues (also a programmer ;-)) really liked it so I decided to buy here one as birthday gift and she really liked it. As I created the new designs and showed the shirts to her she ordered herself the “coder” and “hello world” shirt 😀 As I started to tweet about my shirts and setup the Spreadshirt shops for different location it really suprised me that two male developers also liked my shirts and ordered one.

So if you know any female developer – may your sister, wife, mum, aunt, grandmother or dautgher (but also men like my shirts!) – please spread the word and share this website with them!

Thank you! <3



Please share my shirts with your friends. Thank you! 🙂
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